Putnam County's Homeless Shelter and Resource Center

We believe that safe, decent, affordable housing; adequate food; education; and quality social services are a fundamental right.  

What We Do:

  • We empower the homeless of the Putnam County area to become self-sufficient and work to prevent homelessness among our neighbors.

  • We provide emergency shelter for homeless single women, and women with children.

  • We provide residents with a safe sleeping space and stable environment so that they may focus on their goals.

  • We work with each client to identify barriers to success, obtain employment, savings and financial management, and work toward obtaining permanent, sustainable housing. 

  • We help individuals and families who are at risk for homelessness, by providing education and assistance with obtaining needed services through our Homeless Prevention Program.

  • We foster cooperative relationships with community partners that will expand and sustain delivery of needed social services to our clients. 

  • We raise public awareness of the existence of homelessness in our community. 

Since opening the shelter in 2014, we have served over 700 women and children, totaling 22,000 bed nights, or 6 years of service. We've helped over 150 men experiencing homelessness find shelter and have provided more than 270 of our neighbors with rental, utility or food assistance.

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