We are a shelter for single women and women with children (under the age of 18). Our shelter consists of sleeping rooms for singles or women with children. We are able to house up to 24 residents at a time. We want to help residents change their current crisis situation of being homeless. We want everyone here to be safe, healthy and secure. Residents have sleeping space, meals, and help using local resources to work toward changing their situation. We do have expectations that residents will help keep our shelter clean, safe and inviting as well as work toward changing their situation. We are a 30 day shelter, though we may grant extensions if residents are actively working on their goals.

We are not a Domestic Violence shelter and do not offer that level of security. If you are actively fleeing a domestically violent situation, please connect with appropriate resources.


We recognize that homelessness is not an issue limited to women and children. At this time, we are unable to provide long term shelter services to men. However, we do want to assist in connecting those in need to other resources in our community and surrounding areas. We may also provide short-term, offsite, sleeping hour accommodations for men in certain situations. 


We have limited funding to assist with keeping people in their homes and to help them avoid an unhealthy environment. Priority will be given to those living within the Greencastle city limits and then Putnam County. Priorities will be based on situational needs such as: sudden job loss, prescribed medications, rent/housing, vehicle trouble, accidental or emergency, and other needs that are essential for sustaining life and/or health. Copies of bills, rental or mortgage agreements are required and confirmation of balances will be made prior to payment. No payments will be made to individuals. Requests will be processed within two weeks. We will not handle emergency requests. Not all requests can be met and some requests will be partially met as funds are limited. Include copies of any paperwork that supports your request including: Driver’s license, letter of eviction, disconnection notices and notifications of denial from social services. Your information will be kept confidential. If a decision is reached to assist, you will be contacted by phone.